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A quiz-based anatomy education app.

Available for iOS and Android.

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Simple Lines Anatomy was created by Canadian education technology company Apex Anatomy Inc. We are dedicated to providing efficient anatomy education for the modern learner. Our Simple Lines Anatomy app combines the speed of quiz-based learning and review with memorable visuals that assist the user in retaining the complex subject of anatomy. ​Whether you are in the Osteopathic, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Nursing, Midwifery, Dentistry or any other medical/paramedical field, this app will allow for essential human anatomy review.

Our drawings and lines make you smart and save time.   

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Simple Lines Testing Elements

Multiple styles of testing on numerous commonly tested anatomic criteria.

Touch-Based Origin Insertion

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Touch-Based Bone Landmarks

The landmarks (aka prominences) of each bone in the body (currently excluding the cranium) are tested in our touch-based testing style.


Knowing these landmarks is essential for learning where the muscles attach to and what bones they move.

The muscle origin and insertion (the attachment points of the muscles) are tested in two ways; in the standard Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) section and in our touch-based section.

Here you are asked to locate and tap on the two points that match the attachments of a muscle. This adds a kinesthetic element to the understanding of muscles which we believe helps the user better remember the muscles shape and function.

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In the standard 4 answer MCQ style the following muscle criteria are tested on:

Fiber Orientation(s)



Cross-section identification

Action (movement)

Nerve supply (innervatinon)

Arterial Supply

Each question is accompanied by a custom drawn illustration.

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Structure and Function

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Muscles tend to pull together to create the same movement in groups. Groups of similar acting muscles are tested together in our Functional Groups section.  This is commonly tested criteria in anatomy learning and crucial for basic biomechanical understanding.

In our Expanding Muscles section the muscles are represented by simplified lines that show attachment by shape and fiber direction. This requires the user to understand the shape and form of the muscle better making functional and applicable memory.

Functional Groups and

Expanding Muscles

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Full Random Testing

For the fastest review and/or learning experience use our Full Random Testing mode to test randomly from the entire 1500+ Simple Lines Anatomy question bank.

Custom Random Testing

To be tested on a specific region of the body and/or specific bone and muscle criteria use our Custom Random Testing mode to review for a test or bump up your knowledge in an area that needs improvement.

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